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Creative Workshop

Students have been exploring and refining creative techniques developed from the special visiting professional artist, Adrian Torres, who volunteered his time and shared his skill with students during late 2014.

Staff Development

Quality staff are the backbone of every organisation and at LUC we have strengthened our team and program content by focusing on staff development and quality training.

NUTRITION – Brown Rice transition

The daily nutrition program has increased the amount of vegetables in the fruitshakes to improve iron levels, and for the very first time we are transitioning from white rice to BROWN RICE.

New Community Centre

We have been working hard over the past year to provide a sustainable and creative space with skilled professional quality staff.

Building a Green Inspired Art School

For the very first time LUC can build a permanent location and future!

Foundation setting and the first stage of construction have begun. With a team of local hired builders and volunteers, we have been able to build the kitchen, perimeter walls, and an inspiring creative space using recycled materials of glass bottles and tyres.

Our aim is to build an eco friendly and green conscious art school building whilst also educating the community.

Read more about this exciting project and see pictures of the last months of building.

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